{Giveaway} Healthy Wiser Vitamin C Serum #Review

{Giveaway} Healthy Wiser Vitamin C Serum #Review


About Healthy Wiser

As a rising brand in the field of cosmetics and nutritional product manufacturing it has evenly made a statement with their vitamin C serum. This revolutionary product is an offspring of the 21st century which is

HealthyWiser Ph Test Strips Review + Giveaway!!


100-count pH test strips for urine or saliva. Can also be used to test drinking water, pool, hot tub, hydroponics, aquariums, food, coffee. Comes in a nice plastic box. Ideal for traveling.
Dual pad ensures super accuracy with results …

HealthyWiser Ph Test Strips Review

I never realized how important my PH health was, as these aren’t things that use to normally sit and think about. I have gotten a lot of urine
infections after getting having my son and getting sick. It is really …

HealthyWiser Ph Test Strips Review + Giveaway

Why should you measure your pH level?
Simply put, pH is a measurement of your body’s electrical balance and helps to regulate several bodily functions. If your pH varies too much it’s difficult for enzymes to function properly, which can …

HealthyWiser PH Test Strips {Review}

HealthyWiser PH Test Strips

Do you know your pH level? Not in your pool, but your personal pH level? I was intrigued when the box of test strips arrived. We have tested just about everything and everyone around the house this week!

Why should …

HealthyWiser PH Test Strips Review & Giveaway

I love when I can share interesting products. This is one of them. Have you ever thought about testing your own bodies pH level? Okay, so now you are wondering why you would, right? Well, pH is a measurement of your …