Crystal M.

This is a moisturizer, wrinkle reducer and skin quencher! When you put it on overnight, be prepared to wake up with AMAZINGLY soft supple skin. I am 27, and I ain’t getting any younger. This serum is going to make me look like I’m 27 FOREVER!! Forget “Forever 21″ I want to be “Forever 27.” Brains, class and SKIN! =)=) GO buy one now!


I’ve used dozens of skincare products, mostly high priced lines from sephora such as ole Hendrickson, Claudelie, Peter Thomas Roth etc. I have very sensitive skin and have had reactions to vitamin C serums in the past. The product is very gentle and safe for sensitive skin. I’ve been applying this serum at night under my night cream and morning under sunscreen (always use sunscreen with C serums during the day!) and I’ve seen great benefits. My skin is definitely brighter and firmer, and it’s been helping my hyper pigmentation noticeably diminish. I recommend this to anyone with sun spots or signs of aging.




I order a lot online, I must confess. Every so often I run across a merchant or site that I feel are extraordinary and this seller is one of them. Great service, great follow up emails, that almost lost feeling of the customer really matters which I love. I also am a skin product junkie and have used and tried many products, from drugstore to very high end. This serum feels better to me than any others I have tried, I love the silky feel of it and the smell is great. Often serums don’t smell great but this one smells lovely. I have only used it a short time but my skin looks great and actually today my mother commented that my skin looked really great. I’m in my 50s so love hearing that !


This product is exactly what I needed for my skin care routine. I have oily skin and I am loathe to put anything on my face especially during this hot hot summer. I use my clarisonic to cleanse my face and then apply this serum. It is light and penetrates quickly, no oily residue!! My complexion already seems brighter.


I had purchased another brand of serum and really liked it, almost out I was ready to purchase another on Amazon when I saw Healthy Wiser Vitamin C serum. After researching I decided to give it a try. So happy I did. I haven’t had it long enough to see a difference in my skin but I can honestly say that it goes on like silk and my face looks dewy and so healthy. Thank you for bringing it to Amazon!  

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