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Ann Ingersoll Madison Rain

'm 40 years old, have always taken great care of my skin and am no stranger to a good skin care regime but, despite all my efforts, fine (and not so fine) lines kept appearing and deepening and nothing I tried worked. A friend recommended that I try some kind of topical Vitamin C product, which was something I hadn't yet done. So I did a search on Amazon and up popped this product. I was very - and I mean VERY - skeptical but it had great reviews and a good price so I thought, "What the hey? I'll give it a shot". I wasn't expecting to see results for at least a month after first using it (if at all) but, to my great surprise, I started noticing a significant reduction in the depth of the lines around my mouth and on my cheeks within a week. I was stunned. I've tried all kinds of moisturizers and serums (sera?) in my lifetime and this is the first one that lives up to its claims. I'm now a total convert and will not start my day without applying the Vitamin C serum. Their customer service is also excellent so I'd give it a six-star review if I could.


I order a lot online, I must confess. Every so often I run across a merchant or site that I feel are extraordinary and this seller is one of them. Great service, great follow up emails, that almost lost feeling of the customer really matters which I love. I also am a skin product junkie and have used and tried many products, from drugstore to very high end. This serum feels better to me than any others I have tried, I love the silky feel of it and the smell is great. Often serums don't smell great but this one smells lovely. I have only used it a short time but my skin looks great and actually today my mother commented that my skin looked really great. I'm in my 50s so love hearing that !

Lori B.

Obsessed! Tightens my skin and leaves me with a healthy glow! I'm 32 and I hate when people tell me I look tired because of the dark circles under my eyes. I put on the vitamin c serum and I instantly look younger. I would recommend the vitamin c serum to anyone.


This product is exactly what I needed for my skin care routine. I have oily skin and I am loathe to put anything on my face especially during this hot hot summer. I use my clarisonic to cleanse my face and then apply this serum. It is light and penetrates quickly, no oily residue!! My complexion already seems brighter.

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