pH Paper


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Are you concerned about pH levels in your food, water supply, and garden?

Whether it is for health concerns, growing vegetables or ensuring your pool isn’t a hotbed of algae pH testing is an easy way of protecting yourself. Universal pH paper is easy to use and is a reliable method of testing: 
✔ Urine & Saliva 
✔ Drinking water 
✔ Aquariums, Pools, hot tubs, spas 
✔ Garden soil 
✔ Coffee, tea 
✔ Skin care and hair care products 
✔ Any liquid at all

Ready, set, test

By knowing the pH level of many common products you can protect your health. Skin care and hair care products for example can lead to dry, itchy skin, cause dandruff, infections, and rashes if they have improper pH levels. Homemade health elixirs like Kombucha Tea, which is a fermented herbal tonic, can contain harmful microorganisms if the pH is too low. Your pool and aquarium can be a breeding ground for algae if the pH is off. And if you love the taste of homegrown vegetables then you know the pH level in your garden is paramount in producing healthy, tasty fruits and vegetables.

HealthyWiser Universal pH Test Paper 0-14 are is easy, simple, and accurate way to test the pH level of virtually any liquid. Our test strips will help you to test:

✔ Your food and drinking water to ensure a healthy alkaline diet 
✔ Your urine and saliva to monitor body health 
✔ Your soil for healthy gardens and lawns 
✔ Your pool, hot tub, spa, ponds and aquariums

HealthyWiser is concerned about your health. That’s why our pH paper is carefully tested, labeled, and accurately matched to our color code chart. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 90 days for a full refund. Period.